Our technology

Dynaes was created in 2007 with the aim of exploiting both scientifically and commercially a revolutionary technology serendipitously discovered by a French inventor.

This groundbreaking technology, once installed in a thermodynamic system, yields an increase in both thermal performance and energy efficiency. The efficiency gain is even higher with extreme outside temperatures.

These game changing performance improvements apply to both the heating and cooling systems.


Our technologies will have a major impact on the global effort to cut greenhouse gases, whilst at the same time enabling savings of several USB billions worldwide. Adopters of the technologies will make their business truly greener AND increase their margins.

The miscibility of the refrigerant in the lubricating oil plays a major role our technology. We optimize refrigerant blend for each component, maximizing their heating or cooling capacity with no increase in the power consumption of the compressor. The system efficiency is improved.

Our technologies have been reliably performing in field testing for many years (domestic heat pumps, supermarket rooftops, refrigerated transport, chillers).

  • A technology device enabling significant increase in the energy efficiency of thermodynamic systems;
  • Easy to manufacture and install – very low cost
  • A huge potential market: device adaptable to the majority of existing and new installations;
  • Three granted patents and a unique expertise and know-how in the field.

Dynaes works in partnership with Mines Paristech and CNRS and is supported by BPI France, Region Ile de France, Region Normandie, as well as many private investors.