We address major markets which include chillers for data centers, HVAC, heat pumps, industrial and commercial refrigeration and refrigerated transportation.

  • Chillers for Data centers

    Their consumption is growing quickly and considerably. In 2013, USD 25B are spent worldwide on cooling datacenters. In 2020, they will consume around 1,000 billion kWh which is equivalent to the 2011 total consumption of France + Germany.

  • HVAC markets

    The HVAC markets alongside those of industrial and commercial cooling are equally of consideration. Global markets for air conditioning systems are estimated to stand for above USD 56B in the year of 2014.

  • Heat pumps

    The heat pumps represent 1.5 million units sold worldwide or sales figures totaling USD 19B in 2011. In 2016 this figure should be closer to USD 24B.

  • Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration

    Industrial and commercial Refrigeration includes refrigeration systems for production, storage or distribution of food, drinks, chemicals and other products. In this segment

  • Refrigerated transportation

    Refrigerated transportation is a fast growing market whose players are always looking for competitiveness through cost reduction.