Dynaes’ technologies represent a major advance in the field of thermodynamics, a field where all system parameters have been optimized over many decades with no further significant improvements expected.

Simple and low cost devices, added to heating or cooling installations relying on the evaporation and condensation of a refrigerant, yields a significant improvement in the efficiency of the system.

The technologies can be applied to many huge markets: datacenters, HVAC, heat pumps, industrial refrigerators, refrigerated transportation…

This is without doubt the most significant advance in this field for the last few decades.




Companies today are faced with a double challenge: reducing environmental impact and increasing competitiveness. Unfortunately, improving the environmental footprint often requires massive upfront investments which hurt the bottom line in the short term, and will not see a return on the initial investment for many years (e.g. solar, wind).

Dynaes’ technologies do not require these massive investments since it can work on existing, conventional thermodynamic systems whilst providing significant energy savings as soon as it is installed. The ROI is immediate since the users of our technology get an instant impact on their EBITDA for a very small initial capital expenditure.


DYNAES in a nutshell

The Team

We have assembled a world-class team of experts from different fields who have created and developed the unique multi-disciplinary know-how behind our revolutionary technology. Our experienced business development and management team will ensure the delivery of our ambitious strategy.


On the R&D, we work with the CES (Centre d’Efficacité Energétique des Système)
Laboratory of Mines Paristech and the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique).
We are also supported by the BPI-Banque Public d’Investissement, the Ile de France Region and the Normandie Region


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